CashBack For Communities Phase Four Impact Evaluation

Chapter 4 Lessons Learned Introduction This chapter explores the ways of working which have contributed towards positive outcomes during phase four. It also highlights lessons learned during phase four. It is based largely on discussion with project partners and members of the Strategic Delivery Group for CashBack for Communities. Successful approaches

The main success factors contributing to positive outcomes were: Relationships

Delivery partners were clear that their success was often down to the relationships between project staff and young people. Staff focused on being friendly, informal, non-judgemental, honest and inclusive in their work with young people. They spent time building rapport and exploring what motivates and inspires their clients. This helped to encourage young people to engage with the project, and to sustain their involvement. Delivery partners thought carefully about the make up of their staff team. In many cases, staff were strong role models and mentors for young people due to coming from the same area, having similar experiences or sharing similar characteristics. Partners also invested in upskilling staff in particular areas – for example around employability, working with young people with additional support needs, or being trauma informed and aware of Adverse Childhood Experiences. Relationship building is at the heart of everything we do. It’s very young person centred.” Partner The relationship between the young people and the coaches is the key.” Partner “ “


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